Working with Brickhouse Fitness through the app has been great! As a mom of 2 young kids who feels overwhelmed going to the gym and choosing a fitness plan, the app has been extremely helpful. I can fit in my workouts when it is convenient for me, but still feel like I'm getting a focused workout with a personal trainer. Communicating directly with Courtney about workouts, diet and, progress through the app is quick and easy. It's the next best thing to working out with a trainer every day.

-Kristi D.

I love the BrickHouse Fitness app! As a busy beginner the app makes it easy for me to both pace myself as well as push myself! Each week my workouts are personalized to my needs, including overcoming issues with my knees. The instructional clips for each exercise show me the RIGHT way to do everything my trainer recommends. My absolute favorite things are the daily reminders. Unlike other apps they are encouraging and motivate me to do get the results I want!

-Sher D.

I app-solutaly love this.  It keeps me accountable and I can take a look to see what I have the next day. I have lost 3lbs since joining and I can see more definition to my muscles.

-Kylie H.

The app is easy to use and Courtney frequently checks in and offers recommendations on work outs and meals. It's hard getting to the gym and finding motivation but using the app has gotten me back into a routine.

-Briana B.

It's been an amazing experience training with Courtney of Brickhouse Fitness. I've been seeing by body change by following Courtney's flexible eating plan and customized weight training workouts. I love the freedom of being able to complete workouts at my own convenience. Courtney regularly checks in with me to make sure I'm not skipping meals and to find out how the workouts are going. I can't say enough great things about her program! Thank you, Courtney!

-Kristi W.

I'm really liking the app so far. It's pretty convenient to have my workouts right there on my phone. If I don't know what something is, I just press play right there during my workout. I don't have to go on-line and find it, which is awesome. If there's something I can't do, she just updates it according to my needs. It's really cool. I just wish my Samsung watch would connect to My Fitnesspal to record my steps. Other than that, so far its great!!!

-Micah J.

I love the app. It allows me to fit in a workout whenever I have time. I like how you change up the workouts so I'm not doing the same thing everyday. I love using bands, weights and then just doing straight cardio. It is the perfect way for busy moms to get in a short, but efficient workout while having the kids at home all summer!

-Sunshine S.

This app has been easy to use.  I have enjoyed the workouts and the ability to track my food.  I also enjoy the one on one encouragement I get daily from Courtney.  I have told all my friends about it.  

-Kelli L.

Love this app! I love having the guidance and motivation of a personal trainer, but the flexibility of when I work out. Courtney's workouts are easy to follow, yet challenging. They change every few weeks to keep it fresh and interesting. There's also so much more you can do with the app besides the personalized workouts. You can track your eating and follow the nutritional guide to help you attain your preferred weight. Recording your food intake is tricky at first, but becomes easier with practice. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys working out, living a healthy lifestyle, and having fun while doing it!

-Bethany W.

Nothing but praise for Brickhouse Fitness. My daughter has been participating in the program and I’m so pleased with her results! Courtney is amazing, everything you could ask for in a personal trainer all from the comfort of your own home! I would definitely recommend!

-Kim L.