In the past I would not have guessed that a job in the fitness field is where my career path would take me, even though sports and exercise have always been a part of my life.   I played softball, volleyball, field hockey, basketball and track and field and was an All-State athlete in high school.   After receiving a track scholarship and graduating three years later from college I was burnt out and didn’t have the desire to exercise for quite a few years.

After having my first child I knew that if I wanted to lose weight, get in shape and stay healthy  for my child,  I would have to get back to the gym.   I went about 4 days per week but stayed in the cardio section.  Weights intimidated me even though I had used them in the past.  I did this for about 8 years, switching between the bike, elliptical and treadmill.  I never pushed myself too hard.  Just enough to maintain my physique and body weight.  I was also a stay at home mom at the time so the gym offered a much needed hour long “sanity” break.

After my third child I realized I was incredibly bored at the gym and I wanted to do something different to challenge myself.  I had always admired the women that competed in fitness competitions because of the work ethic and discipline I knew they had.   I decided entering in a local competition was the goal I needed to jump start my fitness quest.  

I looked on-line to find information about what was involved, and decided to sign up.  I trained 6 days a week for about 4 months.  It was hard work and very trying at times.  Yet, it paid off after I placed third in the competition.

What I realized from the the whole thing was that I could have something for myself that didn't involve diapers or playgroups and I could make it a priority.  Previously, I would cancel a work out if something came up for the kids and I could not make it to the gym in the morning.  When training for the competition, giving up my workout for the day was not an option.  I needed to be flexible and change my schedule sometimes in order to fit in a workout.  After the competition I got hooked on weight training.  I loved the way it changed my body, made me stronger and boosted my confidence and energy level.  It felt good to have fitness become a part of my life again and I wanted it to stay that way.  I decided the next step was to become a certified personal trainer. I contacted the American Council on Exercise (ACE), ordered the materials and spent a few months studying for the certification test. I passed and that is when I started Brickhouse Fitness, LLC.   I provide small group exercise classes in San Diego and in-home personal training. I truly look forward to helping other people reach their fitness goals,  whatever those may be,  just as I have done.